Korean PancakeKorean food is about two things: quality and tradition. At the Seoul Tofu House Seattle Korean Restaurant, we take pride in offering both of these. Every one of our dishes is a product of love; love for great tasting food, love for Korean culture, and love for the patrons we serve. And if that wasn’t enough, it all comes to you at a price that you would be hard pressed to beat for food of this caliber.

When you enter our restaurant, you are surrounded by the spirit of an ancient civilization. Cultural images line the walls, enticing aromas fill the air, and our friendly staff greets you with that famous brand of Korean courtesy. It is a fine place to sit down and share a meal, and it speaks of the authenticity of the food that is to come.

And what food it is! One taste, and you’ll discover why Korean cuisine has been skyrocketing in popularity across the globe. Here you will find the unique blend of hearty spices, delectable meats, and tempting fresh produce that make up the unmistakable phenomenon that is being embraced by more and more people every year. And Korean food is famous for more than its great taste; it’s also widely considered to be the healthiest variety of ethnic food in the world! Make Seoul Tofu House a regular part of your diet, and you may very well enjoy the same benefits that give Korea the famous health and record-low obesity rate it knows today!