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The Benefits of Eating Clams

Are you looking for a good source of protein? Consider the lowly clam. Though not one of the more common forms of meat, a scant serving of 100 grams of clam delivers more than half of your daily recommended intake of protein. Meanwhile, you’re getting this protein with a very low fat and calorie content. […]

The Valuable Protein of Tofu

Whether you’re a vegetarian, or you’re simply trying to practice a healthier, low-fat diet, tofu is always a good choice. This classic soy-based food has been recognized for its health benefits for centuries. Everyone knows it as one of the best meat-free sources of protein available; but what is it, exactly, that makes it so […]

South Korea’s “White Day”

In South Korea, Valentine’s Day is not the only holiday devoted to romance. Exactly one month after this familiar day of love, they celebrate a day known as White Day. White Day is similar in many ways to Korea’s Valentine’s Day, except for one important difference. On Valentine’s Day, it is expected in Korea that […]

The Health Benefits of Miso Soup

Miso is a form of fermented soy from Japan, representing one of the healthiest dishes you can eat. A culture starter known by the Japanese as koji is used in the production of miso, which enriches the final product with beneficial microbes. Regularly eating miso gives you a number of health benefits, protecting you from […]

How to Handle Spicy Food

Koreans love their strong flavors, making liberal use of red pepper paste and other spicy agents to give their foods an extra kick. If you’re not accustomed to spicy foods, trying a new Korean dish at our Seattle Korean restaurant can feel like a risky venture. What happens if you bite off more than you […]

The Story of the Korean Zodiac

There are numerous stories behind the animals that make up the traditional Chinese zodiac. In some versions, China’s Jade Emperor sent out invitations to the animals to share a birthday celebration with him. In others, Buddha was the one assembling the animals, for the purpose of seeing him off on his journey from the material […]

2016 is the Year of the Monkey

2016 is here, which means that Korea and other countries that follow the traditional Chinese lunar calendar will soon be marking the arrival of the Year of the Monkey. This is the ninth of the Chinese zodiac signs, scheduled to return on the eighth of February. Monkeys are known to be the most versatile of […]

Christmas Dinner in South Korea

For Americans living in South Korea during the holiday season, it can be difficult to come by a familiar Christmas dinner. A traditional turkey is largely unheard of, as are many other seasonal standards. So, what is it that Koreans usually eat during their Christmas celebrations? Many South Koreans like to go out for dinner […]

Christmas in South Korea

Though South Korea is officially a Buddhist country, their Christian population is still remarkably robust. As much as 30% of the population practices Christianity, which is roughly the equal of those who identify themselves as Buddhist. It is for this reason that South Korea is the only nation in East Asia that has made Christmas […]