You’ll find a lot of seafood options at our Seattle Korean restaurant.

Korea, being surrounded on three sides by the ocean, has been making good use of its bounty for many generations, and the overall health of the country is all the better for it. This is because fish are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids.

Though its name is strangely ominous, omega-3 fatty acid is a highly recommended nutritional supplement. Of its many apparent benefits, the most popular is its ability to promote a healthier heart. This comes in part from its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which protects blood vessels and staves off heart disease. A regular diet of fatty fish has been known to reduce blood pressure, clotting, and arthritis symptoms while simultaneously boosting the immune system. Nutritional scientists advise eating fish twice a week to get a proper dose of omega-3. Additionally, it’s been found that saltwater fish like salmon, herring, and tuna are the best sources of the fatty acids.

So come by Seoul Tofu House in Seattle and browse our selection of seafood dishes. Your heart will thank you later!