Korean cuisine features many delicious soups and stews, one of the most iconic and common of these being kalbi tang. Alternatively known as “galbitang”, “garitang”, or “galitang”, this is a variety of Korean soup known as guk.

The main ingredient of kalbi tang is the kalbi itself, coming in the form of beef short ribs akin to the popular Korean barbecue dish of the same name. These ribs are boiled in a watery broth along with daikon radish, onions, garlic, noodles, and other ingredients over the course of about five hours, allowing the meat to become deliciously tender and the fat to be drained away. The end result is hearty and flavorful, and a good choice for most people who are being introduced to Korean fare for the first time.

Historical records show us that kalbi tang was being enjoyed in Korea at least as far back as the 1890’s, where it graced the tables of the Korean royal court banquets. Today, it remains a big part of Korean tradition as a common offering in wedding receptions. You can enjoy this classic taste at our Seattle Korean restaurant.