Most popular of Korean barbecues is the bulgogi, made from thinly sliced marinated tenderloin or beef sirloin. It can also be chicken, pork, and other meats. If it’s made from short ribs, that’s called a galbi. Now not all barbeques are marinated. Some meats are barbecued without marinating, releasing their true meat flavors.

Here at Seoul Tofu House, we keep our barbecue offerings small and easy. There’s the BBQ Beef Bulgogi and the Spicy BBQ Pork. Portions are large and filling. Similarly, we also offer galbi, your BBQ Beef Short Ribs, a most requested number. And for those who are not into these meats, you can always have the Spicy Chicken with generous cheese.

Side dishes or banchan go well with barbecue. See the interplay of textures and flavors as you combine the meat with kimchi, bean sprouts, pan cake, potatoes, or other vegetables. Bulgogi eaten with plain rice or a salad tames the richness of the meat.