In the past, Korean food couldn’t compete in the American international food scene. The big stars that were Chinese, Japanese, and Italian foods were not to be outshined. Today, however, Americans are developing a taste for this unique Asian fare, and food critics have predicted that bibimbap may one day play in the same league as teriyaki or pizza.

Bi bim bap, or “mixed rice,” consists of rice covered with vegetables, slices of grilled beef, and a fried egg, seasoned with sesame oil and spicy gochujang paste. When you stir this combination together, coating every mouthful in sauce and egg yolk, you produce a savory, unforgettable taste sensation. For all its simplicity and rich flavor, it’s no wonder that bibimbap has become the cornerstone of overseas Korean dining! You can easily find bibimbap at our Seattle Korean Restaurant located in the International District.