Donburi is a Japanese word describing a large bowl. The term is also commonly applied to a certain kind of dish that is frequently served in such a bowl. This dish comes in the form of a large bed of plain rice topped with some kind of meat, seafood, or vegetable, often in some form of sauce.

In Japan, donburi is a popular fast-food-style dish. Many restaurants offer a selection of different donburi, with common varieties given special names to easily denote their key ingredients. You will often see “donburi” shortened to “don” and used as a suffix following the name of the donburi’s topping; for example, a katsudon is a donburi topped with a breaded pork cutlet, and an unagidon will be topped with grilled eel meat.

As basic as the donburi is, you can expect to find regional variations throughout much of Asia. Since “donburi” is the most recognized term in the United States, you can often find such dishes identified as such in American restaurants. At Seoul Tofu House, you can enjoy a hearty donburi made with either chicken or beef; consider this classic favorite at our Seattle Korean restaurant tonight!